When is back pain a sign of cancer?

by Dr. Chi
Jul 01, 2018

Back pain can be a sign of injury, disease or illness. This pain is usually an indication that something is not okay with your body. Immediately you feel some pain, get in touch with your specialist. Cancer can manifest in different ways. The signs and symptoms will depend on the nature of the disease, where it is localized, the tissues and organs that are affected and so forth. In the case of cancer that has metastasized, you will feel pain in different parts of the body, not just the back.

Growing cancer exerts pressure on the adjacent organs, nerves and blood vessels, which in the long run makes you feel pain. There are some cancers whose symptoms might be minimal until they become too big, like pancreatic cancer. This is why it is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as you notice the persistent back pain.

Other than back pain, you also need to be keen on other accompanying symptoms like fever, dizziness or fatigue. These are symptoms that most people take lightly, but might conceal deeper underlying issues. Cancerous cells usually demand a lot from your body. They drain too much energy from you, and at the same time, they might secrete substances that can interfere with the normal functioning of the body. They can also affect the way the body metabolizes, generates food and affect the efficiency of blood transport to different organs in the body.

Naturally, cancerous cells will also interfere with the way your immune system responds to different signs and symptoms. Individuals who have lung cancer will in some cases experience dizziness and weakness. This is because the level of blood calcium has been raised, thereby affecting the muscles and nerves.

Like any other condition, treating cancer is easier and more effective when it is detected early enough. This way, it can be prevented from spreading to different parts of your body. If it is possible to remove cancer surgically, you have a better chance of a full recovery. Take the case of melanoma skin cancer. If it is yet to advance deeper into the skin, 98% of patients can live for more than five years. However, if it progresses to different body parts, your fighting chance drops to around 16%.

Most people tend to ignore symptoms, while it has been proven so many times in the past that symptoms like back pain could point towards something more drastic. Treating cancer is expensive, which should drive you further, to getting proper medical attention in good time. You will need ample time to make financial arrangements for treatment and consultations. Do not treat back pain lightly, visit a specialist as soon as you can; this might save your life.



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