What is Far-Infrared Ray (FIR) Shoulder Heat therapy?

by Dr. Chi
May 06, 2018

Did you know that shoulder injury was the second highest recorded type of injury experienced by ice hockey players? According to National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) report findings for a continuous 7-year injuries review of both sexes’ hockey tournaments. With ice hockey aside, there are worse more dangerous sports which definitely must have very high figures. With accidents being inevitable either in the line of duty or sports, shoulder related injuries are very critical as they could lead to physical impairment. Thanks to the technological invention of shoulder heat therapy, most athletes and employees have found peace of mind with their healing process in a much convenient and affordable manner.

Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Shoulder heat therapy

This valuable recovery equipment uses the automation of Far Infrared Ray emission that is focusing to the specific injured shoulder with the purpose of reducing the pain that warms and soothes the muscle for a rapid recovery. The device is wrapped around the injured shoulder with different brands have unique wrapping mechanism.

Flexibility in Usage

Warm-up– It is applicable during warm-up and practice sessions especially by recovering players to warm up their muscles in preparation for an upcoming tournament.

Multiple users– Having one in the house is effective as it acts as an emergency management devices for cases of accidents among family and friends that involve the shoulder.

Stylish –Depending on the model type, they come in multicolor profiles that one can put on to match with their dress code or activities and still look presentable.

Arthritis management– Chronic neck and shoulder joint pains associated with arthritis are eased with the shoulder heat therapy device.


Safe Far Infrared Rays– The rays have no harmful impact on the user body and are effective in soothing the pain and healing process of the shoulder.
Automatic Timing– It contains an automated timing mechanism that acts as a reminder to the user of when to take it off and switch it off to prevent burns.
Temperature control– Most indicate the device temperature to make you alert to the effective temperatures per personal needs.
Instruction Manual– This involves all the manufacturer’s guidelines to gain maximum benefit from the gadget.
Sizes/Adjustable– They come in common sizes that include small or medium hence one has the perfectly fitting Heat Therapy Shoulder Wrap.

Benefits of Shoulder heat therapy

With the main focus being on reducing shoulder pain and increase recoverability, the far infrared rays provide a conducive heat environment for affected shoulder muscles and facilitates improved blood flow in the affected region. Listed below are some of the usage.

• Relieving muscle tension
• Facilitate healing of ruptured shoulder disc
• Tendonitis
• Common shoulder and neck related problems
• Post operation recovery
• Arthritis pain

In conclusion, Shoulder heat therapy is effective in reducing pain and rapid healing of injured individuals such as accidents and even chronic diseases like arthritis that are associated with neck and shoulder joint pains. The far infrared ray has a positive impact on the injured tissue by enhancing blood circulation that leads to pain reduction and faster he.aling



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