How to prepare for CrossFit competitions

by Dr. Chi
Jun 03, 2018

CrossFit competitions require you be your full self with no hindrances whatsoever from either your body and mind. And that’s a more reason as to why you need to prepare before competing.

You don’t want to mess up while you’re there and you need to feel that you in for the CrossFit game. Here, I have taken my time to discuss some ways in which you can use to prepare for CrossFit competition.

Assess your strengths as well as your weakness
Your strength, skills, and conditioning levels need to be on top to compete well with other CrossFit athletes. Once you assess your strengths, you will know when to push your body as well as your mind. If your power is in gymnastic movements, then you can plan when to do the exercises and when to stop. Also, once you learn your weakness for a particular aspect, you can exercise more to perfect it. By doing so, you’ll be able to develop any mobility issues and core weakness that you may have before the start of the competition.

Spend more time training
You need to train more to reduce your weaknesses if you have any while still maintaining your strengths. And the only way to achieve that is to spend more time preparing to be able to figure out which exercises you should do be doing more often or those that you don’t require to do all the time. Make sure to train and be prepared for all exercises that will be thrown your way, and this will build confidence before going into the real competition.

Train with the best athletes
Always choose to train with the best athletes since they will make you want to pull up your game. When you train with other people who are the best in that CrossFit exercise, it will be more a challenge to better yourself over time.

Train your mental game
You need to train smart and hard at the same time. In a CrossFit competition, some exercises are very tough, and the only way to survive the first rounds is to have your mind focused and prepared. You can be doing more activities every day before the competitions to create a similar atmosphere as if you’re in that contest. That stress will make you be mentally fit for the CrossFit competition.

Be calm and control what you can
Before the competition make sure you have trained your mindset to accept any results that may be unfavorable and overwhelming.  You don’t want to be in a game that makes you more frustrated or angry all the time since you can hit your target. Be calm and know that you can’t control the judge’s opinion or how other competitors are doing. So, do what you can and try to give it all of you.

Eating and Sleeping Well
For a great CrossFit program, you need to choose your dietary supplements well. You can decide to have a personal coach who will help you in your diet or eating program. From that program, you’ll know when and what to eat or drink to fuel up your energy for the competition. Also, make sure to sleep well the night before the game to wake up motivated and relaxed.


By following the above ways, you’ll for sure have appropriately prepared your body and mindset for the CrossFit competition.



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