How much bed rest is too much for low back pain?

by Dr. Chi
Jun 11, 2018

Low back pain is one of the few ailments that cuts across the entire human race regardless of cultural background, gender or even economic status! It is so deadly as it has dire health consequences when it is allowed to go unchecked for a long time.  Although bed rest can be useful for low back pain, overdoing it can be detrimental.  Let’s discuss the obvious causes of low back pain.

Caused by a variety of reasons, low back pain is caused by the following:

Most people are guilty of this. It is paramount you understand your body and the load it can carry per time. Whether you are in the gym or you are carrying your bag around your shoulder to class, the load should be evenly distributed around your body, so you do not place undue pressure on your lower back.

Bad posture
Stand firm, straighten up, head up and chin up. When you correct your posture, you also reduce the chances of you becoming prey to Low Back Pain. If your job keeps you hunched over for long hours in a day, try to get short breaks in between the hours to stand up straight.

And while there are other causes of low back pain, the issues listed above are the most common causes. Concerning treatment, there are surgical and non-surgical means to treat Low Back Pain.  Some of the non-surgical methods are:

Muscle relaxants
Back Braces

But for those who are not too aware, there is a more natural way of dealing with Low Back Pain: “Bed rest.” Simply put, it is lying down in bed to allow the affected areas a bit of reprieve.

There are no special surfaces to have in mind as any normal surface would do the trick. You can choose your bed, your couch but the important thing is that you must be comfortable. To reduce the pressure on your back, consider propping a couple of pillows underneath your head and between your knees while you lay on your side. When you are on your back, move the pillows to your knees and when you are lying on your stomach, move them beneath your hips. The different positions for different postures are vital as they relieve the pressure from your back.

Now you may be wondering, why is it so bad if I decide to lay in bed forever? Well if you choose to stay in bed for a long time, you risk your muscles losing their conditioning and their tone, and you may develop other issues like constipation, development of blood clots in your legs and so on.  Research has shown that extensive bed rest can result in longer recovery from acute injury of the spine.

So to get the best result, find a couch and spend the next day or two enjoying recovering and getting your back to tip-top shape!

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