How do CrossFit exercises work?

by Dr. Chi
Jul 01, 2018

CrossFit is an exercise program or more of a fitness program that incorporates several types of exercises as well as sports. It can include activities such as weightlifting, running, gymnastics, high-intensity interval training and more.

All in all, these are exercises keep your body fit and into the desired shape. How do these activities work? Here, I’ll try as much as possible to give a clear picture of how the CrossFit exercises work.

How It Works

CrossFit exercises involve high-intensity workouts that aren’t easy if you’re a beginner but with time you’ll get used to it. It’s a workout that takes everything you have got (regarding your energy), and it may be perfect for you if you’re trying to stay in shape as well as improve your cardiovascular health.

It’s an exercise that allows you to choose the different WOD (workouts of the day), and from those workouts, you can slash a high number of calories in your body. You can choose to run, climb ropes, do squats, lunges, and other workouts movement. It all depends on what exercises you’re comfortable and willing to take to get immediate and positive results. These practices will push you to the max limit to achieve your body goals.

From the WOD, you can select the exercises to do on a regular basis or forfeit some that have not much impact on your body. However, with CrossFit exercises, you’ll be doing almost different workouts each day. And you can choose to do the activities at your convenience and do as many times as you wish in a given period.

Areas CrossFit Exercises Targets

You have to engage in CrossFit exercises that will push your body to max limits to achieve the desired workout results. It does not matter whether you’re already in great shape or not. You’ll still have to do some tough workouts that will affect some parts of your body. They include:

Arms – With CrossFit exercises, expect to do some pull-ups and push-ups, which will make your arms strong and get a good shape. These exercises are great for your arms.
Legs – As you combine several workouts as well as do some exercises like running and squats, you’ll general improve your leg’s stamina and shape.
Back – If you occasionally experience back pains once in a while, CrossFit exercises will work best for you to reduce that pain. You’ll engage in exercises that are ideally the best for your lower back, that will include back extensions.
Core – With CrossFit workouts, some moves will improve your overall body core. They include some exercises such as deadlifts, squats, push-ups, and pull-ups, etc.
Glutes – You’ll engage in glute-firing squats such as front squats, back squats, and air squats.


If you want to improve your body flexibility and enhance your cardiovascular health, then start doing some CrossFit exercises. You’ll become more aerobic from doing the hard workouts, and you’ll generally increase your stamina and have high endurance. Also, these workouts will make you get stronger with time as you’ll be lifting heavy weights as well as balancing your body weight during these exercises.




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