How did Greg Glassman start the CrossFit exercise revolution?

by Dr. Chi
Jun 03, 2018

In our modern days, everyone is always talking about going to the gym to do some CrossFit exercise workouts. These are exercises that involve high-intensity interval training, calisthenics, gymnastics, weightlifting, rowing, running, rope climbing and many other activities.

Have you ever wondered how the CrossFit came into existence in the first place? If so, then you’re not alone, and you have come to the right place to know about the evolution of CrossFit.

CrossFit strength, as well as conditioning program, was created by Greg Glassman in the 1970s. Glassman at the time of bringing about the CrossFit Idea was a former high school gymnast, and 25 years later that’s when the first CrossFit gym started in 1995. It took about a decade or so for a gym based on CrossFit to gain traction. However, CrossFit was still considered as an idea by many people at that time, and this led Glassman to launch the first CrossFit website in 2001. With the launch of the site, it garnered acclaim and attention from all over the world’s fitness community.

Today we have over 2,000 gyms worldwide that incorporate CrossFit fitness workouts and principles that are referred to as CrossFit Games. Glassman defined fitness in measurable and meaningful ways that are currently used in our modern gyms. CrossFit as a fitness program was designed to improve fitness as well as health all at the same time.

How did Glassman come to this idea of CrossFit? He started noticing that they were some already established regimens that acted as a hindrance to the athletes to fully attain their fitness goals. For that reason, Glassman came up with the idea that uses a combination of exercises and unusually applies them with the aim of straining or challenging the body system. And from the Glassman’s idea came Reebok which sponsored the CrossFit and now we have it as renowned fitness program worldwide.

By doing CrossFit workouts, an athlete is required to row, run, climb a rope, do squats, as well as carry odd objects. You can also choose to use gymnastic rings, dumbbells, pull-up bars, and kettlebells to perform bodybuilding exercises and calisthenics. If you need to rest, you can do so but in small intervals. From these high-intensity workouts, you can stay in shape as well as improve your overall body health. At last, Glassman’s invention has become a revolutionary success in the world of fitness.

Aside from CrossFit history, it was meant to have some benefits such as:

Improve the overall body as well as heart health
Lifestyle improvement
Increased joint mobility and mass buildups
Time efficient
Build relationships
Create motivation among its users
High-intensity workouts that are fast to perform
Dynamic exercises that push your body to maximum limits.
Personal coaching from certified trained personnel


We all need to appreciate Greg Glassman for bringing about the revolution of the CrossFit workouts. And from that, we can do high-intensity exercises that make us stronger, healthier and live longer.




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