How does yoga work?

by Dr. Chi
Jun 26, 2018




Yoga acts as a physical, mental, and spiritual fitness system that works to help your mind-body connection. We know that it has many benefits such as stress reduction, increased flexibility, weight reduction, maintaining a balanced metabolism, and many more.  But how does yoga work to achieve all this since it’s different from other exercises that don’t give the same results?
According to research, most people practice yoga almost every day, and yoga classes are a booming business. The question arises why do people think that yoga will work for them. Here you’ll find answers to how yoga works and the benefits.

Reasons Why Yoga  Works

1. Yoga triggers relaxation response thus reducing stress
Our body releases various hormones when we are stressed, and the overproduction of this hormones can become severe in the long run. You may get diagnosed with hypertension or other health problems that may affect even your heart. That is because of the stress response, and yoga produces an antidote, relaxation response, to help in reducing stress. Yoga works by helping us stay calm and remain peaceful at all times of challenges and discomfort. All this is achieved through learning relaxation techniques, practicing poses, conscious breathing, and meditation.

2. Yoga works as a healing practice
Deep breath and postures have the benefits of acting as healing practice such as getting rid of muscle soreness and reducing high blood pressure. Also, yoga works as a physical pain therapy where the exercises bring more blood to the body thus loosens muscles as well as helps to transport highly oxygenated blood to affected parts for quick healing.

3. Yoga maintains our body metabolism
During the exercises, endocrine glands are massaged enough to make them regulate hormone production. The hormones are the one responsible for achieving an optimal body metabolism. Also, the workouts help in getting rid of toxins from our body system as well as regulating our appetite, mood, and sleep.

4. Yoga helps us to pay attention to all matters
When we pay attention to body posture, it has the advantage of bringing our mind and body together. This is because when our body is in action, our mind is distracted and absorbed in thinking. Yoga creates the link between the mind and body to work together to bring harmony and become aware of the current situations.

5. Yoga builds energy and confidence
Yoga makes us have some level of responsibility while still making us build confidence in how we tackle our daily activities. Also, yoga makes us do the good deeds and avoid the bad habits since we become more aware of our actions that can affect our body and overall quality of life. The breathing exercises are very beneficial since they increase the production of testosterone that boosts our energy and confidence all at the same time. And this is how yoga improves sex life especially to women who find it hard to enjoy sex and lack orgasm.

Most reasons why yoga works are scientific and are proven results from people who have practiced yoga for many years. And this shows that yoga works by helping our mind and body to live a better life.





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