8 Awesome benefits of homeopathic arnica you probably have been overlooking

by Dr. Chi
May 15, 2018

Herbs are not just meant for food. They abound with medicinal properties. Arnica plant is used as a flavor ingredient for pudding, candy, beverages, and desserts. Its oil is infused in hair tonics, cosmetics, and perfumes. Arnica grows mainly in the mountains of Europe and Southern Russia.
But there’s something more about this plant, and that is its ability to take away pain. It’s a safe alternative to painkillers. Homeopathic arnica comes in topical ( gel, cream, and ointment) and oral (pills, liquids) form.
1. Kids can be hyperactive, especially during play time. A little head bump could result in swelling and pain. Apply an arnica gel or ointment to the affected part to soothe the pain and reduce the swelling. Your first aid box shouldn’t be without this product. Please do not use on open wounds.

2. With a long day, comes fatigue and sometimes the body might ache from head to toe. Taking arnica tablets can be comforting, and an excellent way to limit the body aches. And if you expect a very strenuous activity for the day, ingesting an arnica supplement isn’t a bad idea either.

3. Engaging in long trips whether in a plane or car could give rise to leg cramps and slight pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. That’s why you shouldn’t leave home without your arnica. Your traveling bag is incomplete without it.

4. Arnica and arthritis: If you suffer from minor arthritis pain, arnica gel can give you the same effect as ibuprofen- that’s according to a study published in Rheumatology International in 2007. A gentle daily massage with the gel would keep the ouches away.

5. Midwives often recommend that arnica can be used to ease muscle soreness from pregnancy and recovery after labor. It works wonders in the prevention of bruising. After birth, it enhances muscle control and minimizes pain.

6. A salve for bruises: When you have a bruise, the closest blood vessel to the outer layer of the skin ruptures. If you want your bruises to heal very fast, you should rub a dose of topical arnica on it. Arnica cream de-stresses the blood vessels. From kids to athletes, it’s a painless way to get back in the game.

7. As a beauty aid: Have you tried all sorts of skincare products on acne, but it seems to get worse instead? Arnica gel is the solution you’ve been looking for. It works on redness and inflammation in a good way. What you need to do is use the gel at least three times daily. Just dab it on your face and rub it in, you won’t regret it.

8. Arnica ointment is excellent for stings and bites from insects like bees, wasp, and scorpions. It diminishes the swelling and soreness for all insect bites. You can use it together with an arnica sublingual ( under the tongue ) tincture for better results.



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